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Matching members to mentors to have frequent one-on-one discussions about their career development.
Gain perspective from other mentors/mentees
Courses focused on developing the key competencies women require to embrace their leadership role

AWISCA Programme

Leadership immersion programs focused on specific AWISCA values. These provide interactive and experiential mentorship with reach beyond our borders
Modern understanding is cultivated, enabling detailed and thorough application and reason in any shape or form within the supply chain sector
Improve the supply chain efficiency with a more realistic solution, inventory and production managers have to make decisions with the systems' thinking ability and the consistency.
We aim to assist more women excel in leadership roles, this can also be an asset to anybody looking to improve leadership skills and traits
The AWISCA programme aims to cultivate strong business skills which will assist in enhancing, networking, management, negotiating and development skills for the individual
By bringing people, process and technology together AWISCA aims to establish training and incentive programmes that modify and encourage data driven decisions

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