AWISCA Chapters

Student Chapter

Encouraging students to actively participate in the industry through supply chain workplace readiness programs. As we grow professionalism within the supply chain sector, we introduce training interventions that will encourage entrepreneurship among the youth to enhance their business capabilities oas future potential entrepreneurs and become the creators of employment.

Student Chapter Features
  • Mentorship and Coaching Circles: Mentees (students) will gain valuable advice from their mentors and expand their knowledge base, to increase their technical acumen.
  • Internships and vacation work : Matching students with available internship programmes within companies for practical work experience.
  • Workplace Readiness: The workplace readiness program will seek to close the gap between hard and soft skills - which may not be taught in general planning, presentations, time management, effective communications, computer skills.
  • Guest Speakers (lecturers): students will get the opportunity to interact with established professionals across the supply chain discipline in a classroom environment.
  • High School engagements - career guidance to acquaint the scholars about supply chain careers and opportunities.
Entrepreneur Chapter

The objectives of our ESD programs is to facilitate a focused functional mentorship and coaching programmes for entrepreneurs & SMMME’s in the supply chain sector. Entrepreneurs obtains the benefit of business support to enhance their technical supply chain skills through enterprise and supplier development programmes. Such programs are achieved through support by our industry partners.

Entrepreneur Chapter Features
  • ­Focused growth programs that aims at increasing growth and profitability of the businesses and developing supply chain technical skills through pairing.
  • ­Mentorship and coaching circles, covering all aspects of Supply Chain Management (sourcing, procurement, governance, planning, transportation and logistics, optimization, business intelligence). Such circles extends to professionals, entrepreneurs and students within the supply chain fraternity.
  • ­Mentorship and coaching circles: Covering all aspects of Supply Chain Management (sourcing, procurement, governance, planning, transportation and logistics, optimization, business intelligence). Such circles extends to, entrepreneurs and students within the supply chain fraternity.
  • ­Knowledge hub – Share industry knowledge and intelligence with entrepreneurs to assist them in making informed decision making within their areas of specialisation.
  • ­Training & development: To harness their business expertise, skills and capacity to be able to function in transportation, warehousing, clearing and forwarding. This will increase competent capacity for future partnership in a long term.
Professional Chapter

Professionals in the industry get the opportunity to contribute their practical knowledge to the industry and also obtain the opportunity to be mentored and coached. We work with the aging workforce in the supply chain industry to continue sharing their depth of knowledge post their retirement.

Professional Chapter Features
  • ­Online coaching & mentorship – Provide an online connection and establish mentor or mentee relationships that foster personal and professional growth and development.
  • ­Address the supply chain capability and capacity gaps that exists within the industry. We endeavor to establish a concrete and mutually beneficial relationship between AWISCA and its partners, as we strive to address the cross cutting skills issues impacting South African supply chains.
  • ­The approach enables employees a shared platform where they can learn and exchange skills to reach the desired and agreed goals
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Women Chapter

We aim to develop and grow more women to take ownership and lead transformation within Africa with the ultimate goal of achieving economic and social improvement and sustainability on all areas related to supply chain. This is to encourage women to take up their presence in the leadership of supply chain.

Women Chapter Features
  • ­Developing and empowering high performing, values driven people and developing a values driven organization are key elements of our strategic agenda.
  • ­Re-igniting a renewed focus on gender equity through the implementation of a Women Empowerment Strategy.
  • ­Recognize the wealth of female talent that exists within the Supply chain arena.
  • ­The association seeks to facilitate the co-creation of an evolving, flexible and fit-for-purpose programme.
  • ­In order to create maximum involvement and participation, the women will propose and select work streams to lead and or participate in. These work streams will focus on specific challenges that impact women and devise creative solutions.
  • ­Increase the percentage of high school girls planning to pursue a career in supply chain.